Sunday, August 8, 2010

For your consideration...

Ludwig van Beethoven, darlings.  Let's look at his list of hotness:

1. Obviously incredibly talented:  virtuoso pianist, could play viola and violin, wrote numerous compositions including operas.  Rowr.

2. He dedicated this to his lady love...

3. He was turned down by at least three or four women who loved him, but couldn't marry him due most likely to his common background.  Sympathy hotness!

4. Despite becoming profoundly deaf, is considered one of the greats of classical music. 

Let's take another look:

I'm thinking ja.


  1. I'd Fur his Elise, no question.

  2. I may have accepted the first date from my current boyfriend on the basis that he looks like beethoven...

  3. Where are all the Dead Handsome Men? It's November 2, for godsake!

  4. HawrHawr You're funny. 'he's hot' --- Never mind what Fred Phelps sez, Heaven's where I'm going. Wanna come along? Guhroovy, girly. Meet me in Heaven, gorgeous, and we'll have gobbbs of fun at my BIG-ol, WooHoo! party-hardy celebrating our resurrection for eons and eons - I'm gonna kiss your adorable feet the first chance I get, doll, because they have brought you this far (with God's help). God bless you. Love you. Be at peace.

  5. To think the poor man went deaf because his father boxed his ears repeatedly. And yet he still heard music.

    On a side note, I nominate the actor George O'Brien for consideration: