Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Toshiro Mifune

Here's a new one to make you wish for a time machine from guest blogger jM:

The Seven Samurai. Yojimbo. Throne of Blood. When I hear the word 'samurai' there's one face that always comes to mind: Toshiro Mifune. And what a fine face it is. Often called "The John Wayne of Japan," he possessed an commanding presence on screen and a wildness in the eyes that hinted at an element of danger simmering just beneath the surface.


  1. Oh man, I was completely in love with him growing up! Before I could even read the subtitles, I just *knew* he was a badass. When he puts on the famous scowl...*sigh*

  2. Heya, I followed the link from the Smart Bitches Trashy Books blog, and immediately find Toshiro?? LOVE!! =D He is an absolute legend, you can't take your eyes off him when he's onscreen. The beautiful sculpted face, the dangerous magnetic presence. Definitely one of the sexiest men ever!

  3. Ooh. And absolutely perfect in Shogun.

    This reminds me though, as long as we're on Japanese guys (oh how I wish ;)-- http://cinebeats.blogsome.com/2009/03/27/resurrecting-yusaku-matsuda May look familiar to some people from the movie Black Rain or the video game Onimusha 2. Absolutely Bad Ass.

  4. Another who came over via Smart Bitches and let me say that Toshiro Mifune is a LONG time love. Wow! This man was all that. He had an unbelievable magnetism and was just riveting. They may have called him the John Wayne of Japan, but John Wayne was the Toshiro Mifune of America. Oh Yeah!!!