Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hot hot action.

I had to get to him eventually.  I was holding out.  But I can do it no longer.  Marlon?  Honey?  Do you need help?  Maybe I can just sit here and look at you while you shave.  Run my fingers through the hair on the back of your head and look at you in the mirror?  Get a whiff of your neck while I'm at it?

Surely he needs no introduction to those who have dreamed of guys now gone.  So let's just look at some lovely pictures, shall we?  Maybe it'll make your Wednesday go by a bit faster.

Oh my God, jeans and a white tank top.

I'll just be quiet.

I'm sorry there are so many pictures.

NO I'M NOT!  Enjoy!


  1. Help! I can't settle down...these pics plus thinking of my ex who looked just like him,....I can't sit still!

  2. Oh rep. I dated someone once who was a DEAD ringer for Brando.

  3. I was just wondering today when you were going to get around to this one ... ahhh. Very nice, indeed.

  4. Skye Masterson . . . sigh . . .

  5. How to pick just one Brando shot...impossible! More, we want more!

  6. Not a Brando fan, but he is awesome in Streetcar. :D

  7. I just imagined something: Brando's body and face with Gregory Peck's voice.

    Ha cha cha.