Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hot guy, unfortunate family tie.

Look at this guy!


Let's get a better shot. This is Edwin. He was a fantastic Shakespearean actor and here he is costumed to play Hamlet.

Classically handsome, broody-looking, big hands. AMIRITE? He had this unfortunate family tie, though. His brother was none other than John Wilkes Booth, the guy who uh, shot and killed President Lincoln.

But hey! Another picture!

I don't know. I'D date him. I mean, he disowned his brother, refused to even hear his name spoken aloud. Plus---this is Edwin with his daughter Edwina, whom he raised alone after her mother died when she was only two:

Yeah. Try resisting that.


  1. The "John Wilkes Booth was partly motivated by crazy jealousy of his brother" theory is suddenly starting to make sense to me...

  2. Huh! I never knew that, but that would make sense in part.

  3. Is this Edwin Forrest (not Booth)?--we need full names on these people, girl!

  4. Edwin Booth, though Edwin Forrest was a dish in his early days. Plus he had a huge messy divorce that is very entertaining to read about. LOL

    And yes, I'd date Edwin too. Though I'd try to get him after his drunk phase, but before he hooked up with Wife #2, a certifiable loon. I want time travel to rescue him from that woman.

  5. Shoulda tagged it, but I thought being the brother of the guy who shot Lincoln would give him away as Edwin Booth. Sorry!

    Karla, that's interesting about Edwin Forrest!

  6. Am I the only one seeing that he looks exactly like Robert DeNiro in that first photo?